Skeirrum Imaxinando Rural

User/Group Street Escape Time Additional Time Total Time
1 4 SI 30m 36s 5m 35m 36s
2 5 VAYA 43m 21s 10m 53m 21s
3 6 SegundoCS 45m 13s 10m 55m 13s
4 3 SES 45m 4s 15m 1h 4s
5 1 Jardinería obradoiro 1h 3m 1s 30m 1h 33m 1s
6 1 Chupipandi 44m 6s 50m 1h 34m 6s
7 1 sanxe 57m 58s 55m 1h 52m 58s
8 Invitado 241 1h 4m 40s 50m 1h 54m 40s

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