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All in one: the dynamism of the treasure hunts together with the logic and puzzles of the escape rooms.

It is an outdoor activity in which organize the players into pairs or groups and these they have to solve all the riddles, challenges and tests which are found along the circuit.

To complete the experiences, they must locate and solve the challenges in the shortest time possible.

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The challenge is hidden in different parts of the place where it is develops the game. Through them a story is told exclusively designed for each activity that will allow participants foster a series of transversal competencies the time they learn and have fun.


Who is behind Skeirrum?

We are Erea Rodríguez and Cintia Lomba, two friends, from different worlds but with similar concerns. We are both from A Guarda. Between the two of us we form Skeirrum, a Custom Street Escapes Cooperative.

We are a team ready for anything, we are passionate about what we do and we are enthusiastic about challenges.

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