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Escape room games

Personalized Escape Rooms for schools and educational centers

Playful and Collaborative Learning

Ready to revolutionize learning at your educational institution? Discover how our Escape Rooms can transform the way your students learn.

Teamwork and partnership
Inclusion and adaptation
Evolution and learning

Experiences designed especially to promote playful learning, enhance teamwork, and develop skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

In an exciting and safe environment, your students will face stimulating challenges that will test their ingenuity and creativity.

Much more than just fun games!

Our Escape Rooms are innovative pedagogical tools that actively engage promoting collaboration, strategic thinking and decision-making.

Moreover, each experience is carefully designed to align with the educational goals and curriculum of your educational institution.


Education 4.0

Innovative Learning for the future

In a digital world that is constantly evolving, at Skeirrum, we understand the importance of intelligently harnessing technologies and digital media.

Our educational approach is based on effectively integrating digital tools into teaching and learning processes, enabling our students to develop key skills for the future.


For the development of the activity, it is not necessary to download any application. We provide an online service that you can enjoy from any device.

Furthermore, we offer the option to book our service with personal assistance, where we will guide you in real-time, or without assistance, providing remote support so you can experience the adventure at your own pace.


Outdoor educational and cultural days


We adapt to the contents and programming of your center

Do you want something tailored?
We create it!

Do you have doubts?

We solve them!

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