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Tired of always making the same plans: dinner, movies, or bars?
Want to spend a different evening with your group of friends?

Break the Routine!
Organize an Escape Room

The Escape Rooms offer a challenging experience that can generate a high level of fun and camaraderie among participants.

If you want to celebrate your birthday uniquely, contact us.

We have two options!

team Closed experience
Fun icon Customized experience

You can choose between a closed experience with a specific theme or a completely personalized game just for you.

We send everything to your home so you can play whenever and wherever you want!

Here are some reasons why an Escape Room can be a fantastic option:

in Team

The experiences are designed to be solved as a group.

Working as a team to solve riddles and challenges creates an atmosphere of fun and cooperation, strengthening the bonds among friends.


Logic and puzzle games present challenges that require the use of logical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. Solving them together provides a intellectually stimulating experience

and excitement

The stories often have an exciting plot and limited time to complete it. This generates a dose of adrenaline and enthusiasm, creating an unforgettable experience for all participants.

and partnership

Solving puzzles and riddles requires effective communication and good coordination among group members.

This encourages teamwork and enhances communication skills among friends.


Participating in an Escape Room leaves lasting and fun memories. They can become stories to remember and share in the future, strengthening friendship and creating deeper bonds among friends.

In summary, an Escape Room is an excellent choice to celebrate a birthday or enjoy quality time with your friends, creating unforgettable memories.

Give it a try to organize one and get ready to experience excitement and fun together!

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