Town Halls

Escape room games

We create Escape Room games designed for Town Halls, the perfect option to enjoy in group and test mental skills.

Offer your visitors the incredible experience of getting to know the environment, heritage and culture through fun.

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Custom experiences

¿Estás organizando actividades para un día o una fiesta especial? Nos adaptamos a todo tipo de necesidades ofreciendo juegos 100% personalizados.

Choose the theme, location, and duration of the activity. It can be for a special day or an entire season, we adapt everything to you!

Local actors
Historical storylines
Iconic places and monuments
Unique and tailored stories

Skeirrum ACADEMY

educating in values

With a fixed theme and content, we customize the circuit based on the available space and time to create a unique and exciting experience.

We have various alternatives!

Relevant Women in Galicia

A journey through their legacy

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Skeirrum Entrepreneurship

Experience the Entrepreneurial Process

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Deciphering the acronyms of diversity

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A journey through the SDGs

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Galician Literature

Discover galician literature

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Doesn't any theme fit you?
We create it
  • Entertainment Tourism
  • Knowledge of the environment
  • Well-being: Physical activity
  • Sustainable and Equality topics
  • Cultural and heritage learning

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