Welcome to the campus 3

“Welcome to the campus” Today Skeirrum will help you get to know the campus in a unique way. 

Paulo is a new Erasmus student who has just arrived and doesn’t know where he is. We need your help so that Paulo reaches his faculty. We have 3 challenges ahead. Do you dare to take the challenge?

Location Vigo (Pontevedra)
Dates Oct. 6, 2022, midnight
and ends at 14:00
Sponsor Uvigo


- Make teams of 5 people.

-The fastest team will win.

-The devices of the members of each team are linked.

- You have three attempts to enter the answer, otherwise it will skip to the next challenge and you will be penalized.

- You can use clues or skip the challenge but the team will be penalized.

- There will be a ranking where you can compare your times with the other players.

- You can exit the web and open the camera to scan the code which will take you directly to the game.

Material required:

- A Smartphone

- An internet connection

- Paper and pen

- A QR Scanner


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